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2011 FY OLFD Budget

We have poseted summaries and a detailed reoprt outlining the OLFD budget request to the town of Old Lyme. Please review our request, and let us know of any questions.

The Old Lyme Fire Department has worked hard to identify safety threats to local people and property. That analysis has resulted in our 2011-2012 Fiscal Year budget request to the town. Posted below are our Capital and Operating budget summaries, along with our detailed budget request which itemizes each line item in our request.


Operating Budget


FY2012 OLFD Operating Budget Request Summary 

FY2012 OLFD Operating Budget Detail 



Capital Budget


FY2012 OLFD Capital Budget Summary 

FY2012 OLFD Capital Budget Detail

  If you have any questions about our budget, please let us know. Bob Pierson, our president, can be reached at: mailto:robert.pierson@snet.net

OLFD Seeking a Fire Rescue Boat

For a number of years the Old Lyme Fire Department has requested funding for an appropriate response boat for the potential marine emergencies likely to occur in the waters in and surrounding Old Lyme. In the past we have responded to distress/emergency calls in these waters under prepared. This year, in order to fully and more completely outline the risks we face, we have prepared two documents:



The waters in and around Old Lyme pose many risks. While we can not reasonably address every possible scenario with one vessel, the type of vessle that we outline, in addition to our two existing 10' to 15' inflatable boats, will allow us to respond in a professional manner to many of the event we can forsee. Please feel free to cintact us with any questions, or stop by the Lyme Street Fire Station on any Wendesday night. We are always looking for input, support, and help.

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