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        The Old Lyme Fire Department was organized in 1923 by citizens of our town to offer protection against the ravages of fire. The department operates three fire stations located on Lyme Street, Cross Lane, and Boughton Road. Fire apparatus consists of four engine-tanks, one rescue unit, two tankers, two forestry units, a supply pumper / hose tender, and two inflatable rescue boats, and a Maeine rescue boat. Approximately forty-five active volunteers staff the department. The Department training officer conducts weekly ongoing in-house training programs. Outside instructors are employed when necessary and members are encouraged to attend federal, state, and regional training sessions.
        The Old Lyme Fire Department Inc. is an entirely volunteer fire department that was formed to provide Fire protection and other related emergency services to the residents of Old Lyme and on a Mutual Aid basis to neighboring communities.
        It should be noted that continued town support for the apparatus replacement plan is essential to the adequate performance of our services. During the past year the Old Lyme Fire Department answered 283 calls for assistance. Nearly three thousand firefighter hours were logged in emergency duty. In addition, Old Lyme firefighters spent over two thousand hours in training. Our department has to be prepared to meet the ever-changing challenges we face, whether it be a structural fire, rescue emergency, brush or forest fire, storm-related emergency, or hazardous material incident. Again is should be noted that more than 50 percent of the department responses are for automatic fire alarm activations and automobile accidents with injuries.
        Annual funding, provided by the Town of Old Lyme, is used for the training of personnel and to purchase and maintain fire department apparatus and equipment. As the tools of our trade become more sophisticated, the upgrading, modernization, and maintenance of fire department equipment is is never-ending.
        Equipping firefighters to safely face the challenges of their duties, adhering to the mandates for equipment standards, and complying with maintenance and testing schedules are costly expenditures of our department.
        Old Lyme Fire Department officers and personnel also participate in providing approvals and suggestions for the many development, expansion, and renovation projects in our town. Officers work with various boards and commissions to assure adequate fire protection.
        Our department continues to be all volunteer. Our members are taxpayers and strive for the most efficient operation of the fire department. In this effort town funding is supplemented with funds raised through donations and the Fireman's Fund campaign.
        New dedicated volunteers are always needed and new members are welcome. Please consider offering your services. Visit any of the three fire stations and find out how you can assist. Department members meet on Wednesday evenings around 6:30 for scheduled training sessions, work nights, and monthly business meetings.
Currently the Old Lyme Fire Department inc. operates and maintains (3) Fire Houses:

  • (Station 38)

    Lyme Street Station, this fire station houses a fire truck, a rescue truck, a hose tender, a ladder truck and is located in the center section of the town. This station has a large meeting room and kitchen facilities on the second floor that could double as a shelter but it is not ADA compliant.

  • (Station 39)

    Boughton Road Station, This fire station houses a fire truck, a tanker truck, a forestry truck, a Zodiac rescue boat, Ambulance 39, and is located at 189 Boston Post Rd in the North end of town. This station has a communication center and small conference room that is Old Lyme's Emergency Management Center.

  • (Station 37)

    Cross Lane station, This fire station houses a fire truck, a tanker truck, a forestry truck, a Zodiac rescue boat, Marine 38 Rescue boat, Ambulance 37, Responder 37, and is located at 22 Cross Lane in the South End of town. This station has a moderate meeting room and kitchen facilities that could double as a shelter and is ADA compliant.

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